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March 2021 update

After my ever-so-late-in-the-month update for February, I told myself to be better prepared. So, on the day the clocks went forward, I made a start on my March update. This will hopefully help me remember some of the things that have occurred too. Earlier in the month, when I was picking my son up from … Continue reading March 2021 update

February 2021 update

I’m super-late publishing my February update and as a consequence, I can’t remember much to talk about for the month so I’ll crack straight on with things… Additional Income Streams Matched Betting £232 (Feb £30) Surveys/studies £0 (Feb £5.82) Amazon FBA £30 (Feb £37) TopCashBack £0 (Feb £8.81) The matched betting profit was exceptional compared … Continue reading February 2021 update

January 2021 update

January was a really quiet month in most aspects of my life. It started off with the back-to-work blues, then my wife caught COVID-19 from work and a week later I caught it too. The worst part of it for me was the tiredness which lasted two to three weeks. During that time I didn’t … Continue reading January 2021 update

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