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December 2020 update

Just a few things of interest this month that impact my finances and work, and decent form by Norwich City at the top of the Championship, make it a month that I am reasonably happy with. As all my money has a purpose each month, I utilised my Emergency Fund (EF) to cover the cost … Continue reading December 2020 update

Frugal Friday – #3

Quick one this week as it’s Christmas Day! I’m talking today about a saving I’ve made in my health life, with a voucher code it works out at an even better deal 💷 One of my friends at Bannatynes is an instructor and personal trainer (PT) and we had been talking on and off for … Continue reading Frugal Friday – #3

My Portfolio Structure

I thought it might be interesting to share the structure of my main portfolio – this is where I have calculated the percentage break-downs for different markets based on my level of comfort. There are several rules of thumb for determining the split between equities and bonds such as subtracting your age from 100 to … Continue reading My Portfolio Structure

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