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May 2021 update

May was a mixed bag of ups and downs for me… I started the month with a reoccurrence of depression which overlapped the May Day weekend and resulted in a week off work. This was followed by some positivity when I moved my tech blog, Knight Talks Tech, from Hostgator to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). … Continue reading May 2021 update

April 2021 update

This month gave me a right kick in the teeth with a car bill that I mentioned was upcoming last month. I knew it would be a few hundred but can you imagine the look on my face when the quote came through at £675! Around half of this was labour and tax but the … Continue reading April 2021 update

March 2021 update

After my ever-so-late-in-the-month update for February, I told myself to be better prepared. So, on the day the clocks went forward, I made a start on my March update. This will hopefully help me remember some of the things that have occurred too. Earlier in the month, when I was picking my son up from … Continue reading March 2021 update

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