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July 2021 update

There’s been an ongoing theme with my recent posts…

Car bills!

This month I noticed a ticking/clicking sound when getting toward full lock in either direction. The car had a similar fault a while ago which Volvo sorted under warranty, typically this instance occurred after the warranty just expired.

A trip to my local independent garage put me on course for an approximately £1700 bill to replace the CV joints/driveshafts. To be fair, the mechanic said the car will be fine to drive for a good while and that if it were his car, he’d leave it as-is.

Additional Income Streams

  • Matched Betting £9.16 (June £25)
  • Surveys/studies £0 (June £1.42)
  • Amazon FBA/eBay/FB Marketplace £13.79 (June £22.44)
  • TopCashBack £2.37 (June £7.08)

My sales of unwanted items have been spread across eBay and Facebook Marketplace this month, I’m finding Marketplace both good and bad. Good in that there are usually quite a few people interested in what I’m selling but also bad in that you get let down by a lot of people not turning up when they arrange to.

I use a service called Odds Monkey to help with my matched betting, I’ve been using them for several months now and find the tools they provide to be essential in making a profit. If you are interested then drop me a message or you can sign-up via my affiliate link – OddsMonkey. The great thing is you can do as much or as little as you like and it fits around your life.

How did I do in July?


  • Emergency Fund £2,928.62 (June £2,680.41)
  • ISA, Freetrade £3,228.42 (June £3260.25)
  • ISA, Hargreaves Lansdown £3,249.52 (June £3207.80)
  • Pensions £117,335.14 (June £116,113.19)
  • SAYE £630.00 (June £600.00)
  • House £375,000 (£360,099) *Nationwide HPI 2020 Q4


  • Student Loan -£2,503.82 (June -£2,613.17)
  • Mortgage -£187,074.21 (June -£188,013.56)

Total Assets (excluding house) – Total Liabilities = Net Worth
£127,341.70 – £189,578.03 = -£62,236.33 (June -£64765.61 )

Month-on-month figures are consistent with last month.

I can’t recall how long my SAYE scheme is running for, might have to look into that and see when I can take up the share purchase, or withdraw the money – whichever works out best.

Future Fund

Future Fund

Small increase this month but still moving in the right direction.


Smaller income this month but still a marked improvement compared to this time last year: £2.66 (2021) vs £0.07 (2020).


I can’t remember having shared my goals for this year before but I’ll mention a few of them here:

Read more – continuing to read “How Google Works” as well as listen to “Leadership Strategy and Tactics” by Jocko Willink.

Exercise more – I use a MyZone belt to track my effort when exercising, it measures the effort in MEPs (MyZone Effort Points). Each month to keep my progress level, I need to attain a minimum of 1300 MEPs, represented by the red line. The green line represents my target of 2000 MEPs which is a bit harder to hit consistently.

Learn more – I’ve spent more time on PluralSight this month, watching an updated video about Kanban (work planning and organistation) as well as “Developing a Google SRE Culture“.

Earn more – My dividend earnings so far this year are £36.98, my target £50 so I think there’s a fair chance I will make that.

Guest Post

If you are interested in writing a guest post for my blog, you can reach out to me via the contact page or by taking a look at the let’s work together page – it would be great to hear from you!

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