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Frugal Fridays – #1

So the idea is that I post something about frugality each Friday, I expect the posts will be pretty short in comparison to my pretty wordy monthly updates!

This first post is for something super-exciting – hand wash 😀

We use the handpump washes at home, these come in a 250ml plastic container when bought individually. The standard Carex antibacterial ones cost £1 (40p/100ml) each and the Sainsburys “The Collection” equivalent is 85p (34p/100ml) for a 250ml item.

Sainsbury’s currently have for sale a Carex 500ml original refill pouch at £1.50 (30p/100ml) which will save you 50p over the price of two individual items. The saving is smaller if purchasing The Collection variant.

Exciting photo of handwash…

When I last bought a refill pouch I was able to pick up a 1000ml version for £2.85 which works out to 28p/100ml.

With using these refill pouches you can save not only money, albeit a small amount, but you also save on waste packaging. Each pouch can be recycled so rather than chucking away the container and pump each time the handwash runs out, considering refilling it – you’ll be saving money and more importantly helping to save the environment.

Thanks for reading – I can’t guarentee the next Frugal Fridays post will be any more riveting but I don’t think anyone said saving money would be mind-blowingly exciting! 😉

If you have any frugal tips then please share them in the comments section below.

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  1. Dare I suggest a good old-fashioned bar of soap? When I was a kid we’d never heard of liquid soap. Now it seems to be an essential – or at least the manufacturers of it have led us to believe so. I have gone back to using bars of soap. Much less waste and much much cheaper.

    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks for your comment 👍

      That’s a good pint to be fair. We always used soap bars, as a kid and probably up to maybe ten years ago (ish).

      In fact, when I was young, my parents used to repress the small bits of soap together in a plastic tray to reform them into a regular sized bar.

      Can’t say I’ve noticed the press of soap in the supermarket, but as you say, they will be a LOT cheaper I would imagine.